October 4th 2015 Somewhat Colorful Cadiz Kentucky

Planning and gearing up for Ham Fest is in full swing!  Sometimes we all need a little spot to unwind and be peaceful.  The shore of Lake Barkley is the perfect little spot to see the colors change and spot the incoming pelicans on their migration.  You can also drop your line in the water and test your luck!  There’s lots of beautiful weather left in Western Kentucky, so visit the Ham Fest on the 9th and 10th of this month and drive out to Lake Barkley and see the beautiful trees begin to change color.  If you’re lucky, you will witness the majestic pelicans, coming and going!

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The Beginning of Fall at E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park

The trees around the park are beginning to show their Fall colors. Some of the more brilliantly colored trees to keep your eye on are our Sugar and Red Maples, Dogwoods, and Gum trees. If you take a walk on our 1 mile fitness trail in the next few weeks, you’ll be surrounded by the sights of fall. You”ll pass by our Sycamore trees, showing off their tall white trunks, and our Sugar Maples that take on a variety of colors, from pale yellow to bright red. Bring your cameras and make sure to tag E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park and KY State Parks online!

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Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park–Scenic Mountain Vista 10/4/15

There is no better place to enjoy the changing leaf color than in the serene tranquility of this mountain vista of Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park.  Although the woods are mostly green, there is about 10% color change with buckeyes, sycamores, walnuts and locusts leading the way.  You can enjoy the colors from your room balcony or while fishing on the lake.  Depending on the weather (temperature and rain), the colors should peak about the middle of October.

Each guest is special to the employees at the park and many return time and again once they have visited the park.  See our webpage at the link: www.parks.ky.gov or call 1-800-325-0058 for more information about Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park and other park events, including discounts and special offers on lodge rooms and cottages.

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Big South Fork Scenic Railway/Stearns KY Trail Town, Oct. 2, 2015

Much rain has fallen the past week at Big South Fork Scenic Railway…. but the rain and cooler temperatures are helping those beautiful colors which will soon emerge!  The Gum Tree in front of the Depot is showing a hint of crimson.  The forecast for next week looks promising and will be great for the upcoming Trick or Treat Train and Festival for Tots on October 10th.  Visit www. bsfsry.com for more information

US Flag & The Gum Tree

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Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

The great autumn display is approaching, some red color is starting to appear in Dogwoods & Sourwoods.  It’s a great time to enjoy some Fall flowers. Many species can be seen along the roadways and field edges around the region such as, Cardinal Flower, Mist Flower, Woodland Sunflowers, and may species of Golden Rods and Asters.   The recreation department is hosting a Family Adventure Weekend on October 9 & 10.  Several activities such as hiking, archery, crafts etc will be offered.  Please contact park for a detailed schedule at 800-325-0063.

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Mammoth Cave colors are warming up

red sumac leaves and seed

Sumac is warming up the Mammoth Cave roadsides.


Fall colors are beginning to show at Mammoth Cave National Park. Roadsides are warming up with bright red sumac, dogwood and gum leaves.

It’s great to take a tour of the longest cave in the world, and it’s great to hike or bike or ride a horse on the beautiful surface trails at Mammoth Cave.

Find you park at Mammoth Cave!  #FindYourPark

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Jenny Wiley State Resort Park Prestonsburg, Kentucky

There is no better place to see all the fall season has to offer than Jenny Wiley State Resort Park located in scenic Prestonsburg, Kentucky.  Green is still the main color to be seen throughout the forest as of now, but some color is beginning to show.  Color now showing with Sycamore, Dogwood, Redbud, Maple, Tulip Poplar, Black Gum and even Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper are starting to show yellow and red.  Peak color still remains for the second to third week in October.  Some of the best places to see the color of the park is on the Lakeshore Trail, Moss Ridge Trail, or a leisurely pontoon ride on the lake.  Don’t forget we are now in Elk Viewing Tour season so book yours today by calling 606-889-1790.

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Lake Cumberland State Resort Park October 1, 2015

As you can see a vast amount of the foliage at Lake Cumberland is still mostly green.  There are a few dogwoods, redbud, tulip tree, walnut, and  sweetgum that have sparsely began to turn, but not enough to give an actual percentage yet.  The lake is at a nice level for some good fishing.

It would be a great time to check out a persimmon to see if we are going to have a hard winter this year.  If you split open the seed and you find a fork we are doing good, but if you find that dastardly spoon we are in trouble.  This is of course according to old fables, but I have heard that many times they are pretty accurate. 

Even though the trees are not turning much yet it is still a very beautiful time to visit and enjoy this really nice fall weather.  Take a hike down one of our nature trails or just enjoy some of the surrounding scenery.

Take a trip down and visit Wold Creek Dam or the Fish Hatchery.  The cool weather is perfect for sight seeing.












Camperama Weekend Oct. 2-4 at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park

JAMESTOWN, Ky. – Lake Cumberland State Resort Park near Jamestown will host its Camperama Weekend Oct. 2-4 with activities for the entire family.  Camp two nights for the price of one.


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Shelby County Welcome Center Oct.1, 2015


Fall Foliage October 1, 2015

The colors of the fall foliage at the Shelby County Welcome Center have only turned by maybe 10 percent this week.  With the cooler temperatures moving in, we are looking forward to more color starting the second week of October.


For more information, we can be reached at 502/722/9383.

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Big Bone Lick State Historic Site – October 1, 2015

Autumn Arrives to Big Bone Lick

The persistent dry weather of late summer may have imposed enough on the leaf-dropping hardwood trees of northern Kentucky so as to place them in the right condition for a pleasing display of fall color.  Now, dipping temperatures are needed to press the color display onward to its peak.

Hickories, walnuts, and sycamores are presently displaying shades of yellow and brown, and red and orange hues are currently observed in the red maples and black gums.  Color change is at 10-15%.

The 33rd annual Salt Festival will occur at Big Bone Lick State Historic Site on the weekend of October 16-18, 2015.  The festival features demonstrations of frontier/pioneer living skills and lifeways.  Browse the crafters row and find an assortment of good eats at the food court.  Enjoy folk and bluegrass music, listen to a old-time storyteller, view prehistoric Ice Age artifacts, and observe a blacksmith working red-hot iron.  See how salt was extracted from the waters of Big Bone Lick, and watch a flintknapper make a stone point.  Discover how bison hair is spun into yarn and be sure to see the bison herd after visiting the park’s museum.

For more information about the park, visit http://parks.ky.gov/parks/historicsites/big-bone-lick


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Bullitt County Welcome Center-October 1 2015

Seeing some minor color changes in front of our Welcome Center.  Looking at a couple of bright red trees and bushes, all others are still mostly green with a slight yellow and orange. Probably at 10-20 percent change.

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Pine Mountain State Resort Park – October 1st, 2015 – ColorFall Report

At Pine Mountain State Resort Park color is starting to peek through all of the green. Trees are beginning to cease chlorophyll production and their true colors, shades of red, yellow, orange, and gold are beginning to pop up throughout the canopy. Although still a predominantly green forest, those trees that were first to bloom in the spring including tulip poplars, red maple, dogwoods, and redbuds, have already begun to change color. As is typical in the southeast area of Kentucky, the park  looks to reach peak color around mid to late October. Several hiking trails will allow you to travel deep in the forest for color viewing or you can enjoy the park overlooks for a bird’s eye view of the vast color blanket. Make your plans now to visit or stay at the park. The color change along Pine Mountain is something you won’t want to miss! For lodging information call 606-337-3066.

To stay up to date on park happenings and events like our page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pinemountainstateresortpark


A typical fall view from the Mountain View Restaurant located in the Pine Mountain State Resort Park lodge.

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Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill | 10.01.15

Autumn has arrived at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill! True to tradition, the honey locusts in the parking lot nearest the Trustees’ Office have turned a vibrant orange and begun to fall. We await the changing of the maple trees that line the historic turnpike through the center of the Village, as they should be the next to turn. Fall’s final stop at Shaker Village will be the trees that line the banks of the Kentucky River through the Palisades, which are visible from the 115-passenger Dixie Belle Riverboat. For more information about fall events, visit shakervillageky.org .

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Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park: Week 1

Pennyrile Lake Week 1 ColorFall 2015

Fall seems to be coming early at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park.  We are seeing color in flowering dogwoods (red to purple), blackgums (red), maples (red, orange, or yellow), sumacs (red), sassafras (orange to red), and hickories (yellow to gold).  Virginia creeper and poison ivy vines are showing off beautiful red colors.  The forest edges are at approximately 20% change and the forest interior is much greener.  Peak color will probably occur sometime between October 15th and October 25th. Hopefully some color will hold on until early November. Goldenrods and asters are the main wildflowers that are currently blooming in the park.

Eastern gray squirrels, eastern chipmunks, and groundhogs have been busy eating and storing food for winter. White-tailed deer have also been active in and around the park, especially at dusk and dawn. Summer tanagers and pileated woodpeckers have been spotted around the lodge.

The park is hosting Fall Photography Weekend October 16-18, 2015. Online registration is available at https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Parks/Photography

For more information email rebeccae.clark@ky.gov . The park is also hosting a Spooky Extravaganza on October 23-25, 2015.

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Barren River Lake State Resort Park – September 30, 2015

It’s Fall Y’all!  And it’s coming fast!  The trees have already started changing to celebrate the Autumn season and are at about a 15% color change right now.  Dogwoods have already turned red and half of the leaves have already carpteted the ground below with color.  Tulip poplars have changed to yellow and maples are beginning to show hints of reds and oranges.

Make plans to visit and admire the outstanding beauty of the park.  Spend the night in a lodge room or cottage to relax in nature.  Taste a delicious meal in the Driftwood Restaurant located inside the lodge while you’re here.  This is perfect weather to hike a trail or enjoy the scenery from the back of a horse because horseback riding is still available every weekend until October 31st.  Upcoming events:  Spookout Weekend October 16-17 and Geocaching Weekend October 24-25.

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Carter Caves State Resort Park – September 30, 2015 – ColorFall Report

We are beginning to see some color change here at Carter Caves. The Tulip Populars, Walnuts and Maples are showing off some yellows and black gums have some showy red leaves. We are estimated about 10% color change thus far. With the wet weather and cool temperatures ahead we should be seeing some good color in the next few weeks.

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Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park-September 30, 2015

Cool nights and crisp air are carrying a promise of autumn’s splendor at KY Dam Village State Resort Park.  The landscape is currently denominated by green hues with a dusting of yellow and red winking at passersby.  For more information on fall color and activities please contact Laura Jackson at 270-362-4276 x412.

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Lake Barkley State Resort Park Fall Color 9/30/15

Lake Barkley State Resort Park
For the most part the park is still green. Fall is beginning to appear along the roadside. A few hints of yellow are protruding from the forest. Most of the yellow is coming from pawpaw, maple and your state tree the tulip popular tree. Only a slight hint of red leafs appears to be seen on the trails. Most of the dogwood, sumac, red maple, and black gum will be showing change in the coming weeks. Fall Color is at 5 %. For more information about trails, fall colors either call 270-924 -1131 or email nick.edmonds@ky,gov

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Just outside my office

Just outside my office in downtown Horse Cave there’s a beautiful cave and a trail that traces the pathway of that cave under your feet. It’s very early fall now, and the leaves are just beginning to fall. Today’s rain showers are the first we’ve had in weeks. I don’t know how that will affect our fall colors, but I’m hoping the colors will be glorious as the leaves drift silently to the ground. I’ll let you know! www.kygetaway.com

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A taste of fall at Dennison’s Roadside Market in Hart County

The first bounty of fall is out at Dennison’s Roadside Market, just outside Horse Cave in Hart County. Dennison’s has been selected for the Appalachian Rural Commission’s Bon Appalachia map that features locally grown delicacies. At Dennison’s right now, fall is mums, gourds, caramel apples, sorghum, maple syrup, apples, pumpkins, butternuts, peppers, scarecrows, and more. For more info on Dennison’s and Hart County go to www.kygetaway.com

. We’ll keep you updated on the autumn additions!

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Near the Mouth of Bylew Creek on Nolin River in Mammoth Cave National Park 9-28-15 Photo credit: Norman Warnell

Bylew Creek on Nolin River in Mammoth Cave National Park 9-28-15 Photo credit: Norman Warnell

Located in three south central Kentucky counties (Hart, Barren and Edmonson), Mammoth Cave National Park has more than 400 miles of cave, many miles of Hiking, biking and horseback riding trails, and more than 30 miles of the Green and Nolin Rivers, offering hours of boating, canoeing, fishing, and floodplain camping. This photo by Norman Warnell shows the area in Edmonson County near the mouth of Bylew Creek. For more information about things to do in the area go to www.mammothcavefun.com.

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Natural Bridge State Resort Park – September 25, 2015 – ColorFall Report

While the forest is still predominately green at Natural Bridge, the leaf color change has begun.  Pawpaw, redbud, maple, and tulip trees are showing slight changes over to yellow.  Dogwood, sumac, red maple, and blackgum are just beginning to turn various shades of red.  Over the next 2-3 weeks we expect the color change to speed up rapidly.  The peek of fall color at the park is typically mid-late October. The best trail at the park to see fall color is Laurel Ridge Trail between the Natural Bridge and Lover’s Leap overlook.  This trail can be accessed by several other trails or by riding up the skylift.  For more information about the parks native plants, trails, and fall color contact the park’s naturalist office staff at (606) 663-2214.

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