Barren River Lake State Resort Park 1

Finally, Spring has arrived!  After a long cold winter, spring was highly anticipated and a welcoming event.  Here at Barren River Lake State Resort Park signs of spring are popping out everywhere.  As you drive through the park you will see buds of red among the treetops and greener grass and hints of fresh green undergrowth in the woods.  As you pull up to the lodge you will see daffodils have sprouted up and if you would like to see more spring flowers, take a hike on one of our trails.  Along the edges of roads and open fields bluets are sprouting everywhere you step.  In the woods, trilliums are out, though the flowers haven’t emerged yet.  The most prolific early-blooming flower in the woods right now is the cut-leaf toothwort, which isn’t very showy but is noticeable because of its abundance.  Make plans to visit and see the beauty of spring at our park.  Check back to keep updated on what’s blooming at Barren. Article written and photos taken by: Jamie Avery, park naturalist

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