Lake Cumberland State Resort Park

You can always tell that spring has finally sprung when you see the redbud trees are fully adorned in bright purplish-pink blossoms.  The redbuds are just getting started into full bloom so this would be a fantastic time to take a drive to the park and check them out.

As you drive along you will see blue phlox sprinkled about the roadways and in the wood lines.  Usually by this time there are quite a few in blossom.





The real test for spring though to most Kentucky country folk is “Are the dry land fish up yet”?  Better known to many as the morel mushroom.  I have heard various names for this particular mushroom. One name I have heard from my wife is ” Johnny Jump-ups”, because the morel usually pops up from the earth after a good rain shower and some bright warm sunshine.  Whatever you like to call them is fine I suppose, but if you have never seen one you might want to search around after a good shower.  The season is very short so if you want to see one you have to be up and at them in early April.  There have been  several spotted at Lake Cumberland this year.



Lake Cumberland State Resort Park’s 10th Annual Geocache event April 24-26, 2015

For more information contact Robert Myers at

or call 270-343-3111.



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