Lake Cumberland State Resort Park October 1, 2015

As you can see a vast amount of the foliage at Lake Cumberland is still mostly green.  There are a few dogwoods, redbud, tulip tree, walnut, and  sweetgum that have sparsely began to turn, but not enough to give an actual percentage yet.  The lake is at a nice level for some good fishing.

It would be a great time to check out a persimmon to see if we are going to have a hard winter this year.  If you split open the seed and you find a fork we are doing good, but if you find that dastardly spoon we are in trouble.  This is of course according to old fables, but I have heard that many times they are pretty accurate. 

Even though the trees are not turning much yet it is still a very beautiful time to visit and enjoy this really nice fall weather.  Take a hike down one of our nature trails or just enjoy some of the surrounding scenery.

Take a trip down and visit Wold Creek Dam or the Fish Hatchery.  The cool weather is perfect for sight seeing.












Camperama Weekend Oct. 2-4 at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park

JAMESTOWN, Ky. – Lake Cumberland State Resort Park near Jamestown will host its Camperama Weekend Oct. 2-4 with activities for the entire family.  Camp two nights for the price of one.


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