Natural Bridge State Resort Park – Spring Wildflower Update

At long last spring has arrived at Natural Bridge!  The early flowers have graced the forest with their timely welcome as heralds of spring.  The tiny yellow flowers of spicebush are beginning to burst forth adding a bit of color for the observant hiker.  A little more obvious, are the beautiful white, pink, and bluish flowers of the sharp-lobed hepaticas which are in full bloom.  Hepaticas can be seen at the lower elevations of the park from the valley floor about halfway up to the ridges.  Spring beauties (see picture to the left) are beginning to bloom with their dainty pink-striped white flowers.  Trailing arbutus, tiny shrubs only several inches tall, are beginning to bloom along the ridge top trails with small pinkish white flowers that often hide beneath their evergreen leaves.  As long as the warm weather continues, it is estimated that the peak of spring wildflower bloom this year will be the 3rd or 4th week of April.


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