Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park: Week 1

Pennyrile Lake Week 1 ColorFall 2015

Fall seems to be coming early at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park.  We are seeing color in flowering dogwoods (red to purple), blackgums (red), maples (red, orange, or yellow), sumacs (red), sassafras (orange to red), and hickories (yellow to gold).  Virginia creeper and poison ivy vines are showing off beautiful red colors.  The forest edges are at approximately 20% change and the forest interior is much greener.  Peak color will probably occur sometime between October 15th and October 25th. Hopefully some color will hold on until early November. Goldenrods and asters are the main wildflowers that are currently blooming in the park.

Eastern gray squirrels, eastern chipmunks, and groundhogs have been busy eating and storing food for winter. White-tailed deer have also been active in and around the park, especially at dusk and dawn. Summer tanagers and pileated woodpeckers have been spotted around the lodge.

The park is hosting Fall Photography Weekend October 16-18, 2015. Online registration is available at

For more information email . The park is also hosting a Spooky Extravaganza on October 23-25, 2015.

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