Urgent Care Berea KY

Emergency Care

Many people wait for hours at the doctor for minor injuries or illnesses. This is not the case with us, with us you enter our office by appointment.

Urgent care berea ky can help you when you have minor injuries or you have a chronic illness, but your illness does not affect your life. When we say minor injuries, we mean that the wound is bandaged, that the doctor does not have to come for an assessment. Any disease that affects your life, that you are life-threatening, we have no right to give a diagnosis, but your chosen doctor. But for minor injuries, for insect bites, animals, for wound care, for mild asthma and respiratory infections, we are responsible, as well as for tendon injuries. We respond quickly to an emergency call. We do not wait in line, there are no appointments for half a year and we are not as unpleasant to sick people as other medical workers. We offer you a solution to modern treatment and emergency medical care.

Urgent Care Berea KY

We have extended working hours and care based on an entry on the same day. We also offer treatment for opiate addiction, drug treatment, and much more, alcohol treatment, preventive care, and health at work. When you need fast medical care, you can come to us, and finish everything in a few appointments, and with less money.

Urgent care berea ky is there to meet every patient who is not critically ill. We are working to provide you with emergency care and to make you feel completely healthy in a few hours. Make an appointment by phone or come in person.